Andrea Leadsom has published a revised CV after claims that she exaggerated some of her experience. A number of details have changed from earlier version including downgrading the seniority of one role. She has stated in a BBC interview that she ran large teams, a claim which her former colleagues at Barclays and Invesco Perpetual have disputed.

In a connected world the truth about experience often comes out and can reduce the credibility of a candidate if they have exaggerated their achievements. I also noted that Andrea Leadsom does not have a LinkedIn profile that would have added credibility to her campaign unlike the current Prime Minster of the United Kingdom David Cameron who has 2.3 million followers (although he work experience listed only covers his recent past).

  • Andrea Leadsom was born in Aylesbury in 1963
  • After studying polictics at Warwick she joined Barclays as a debt trader
  • Worked with the Bank of England to deal with the fallout of the Barings Bank collapse in 1995
  • In 2010 she became the MP for South Northamptonshire
  • In 2014 she was promoted to Treasury Secretary a year later and she was made Energy and Climate Change Minister



Andrea Leadsom – CV

● 1984-85 Canadian/Chinese corporate finance company: junior support

  • 1985–87 EF Hutton: trainee broker, London Metals Exchange

  • 1987–97 BZW / Barclays

BZW – sterling commercial paper

Barclays – treasury, Sydney

BZW – swaps

Barclays – managing investment banks business

Barclays – deputy financial institutions director, managing global banking network

Barclays – project director, preparing bank for the euro (including payments and cheques)

  • 1997–99 De Putron Fund Management: managing director

  • 1999–2009 Invesco Perpetual: senior investment officer and head of corporate governance



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