Smart recruiters know that attracting and retaining innovators increases a company’s overall success. An innovator can produce ten times more than a regular hire. Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon enjoy higher overall productivity because of their ability to attract, hire, and retain innovators.




a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products.

  • Robert H. Goddard: pioneered the liquid rocket engine
  • Tim Berners Lee: invented the World Wide Web
  • Dennis Ritchie: author of the C programming language and developer of the Unix operating system
  • Jeff Bezos: founder and CEO of, revolutionized e-commerce
  • Marissa Mayer: first female engineer at Google, youngest woman on Forbes list of 50 Most Powerful Women in Business

Actionable ways to recruit innovators to your company


During the interview, keep an open mind.

Innovators have strong opinions and a great deal of confidence in their ability. Don’t misread those traits and miss the chance to hire a powerhouse. There’s not a standardized skill set that identifies an innovator, so your recruitment and interview team must be experts at recognizing this type of person.

If you have an innovator in your company, be aware that they are likely connected to other innovators.

Referrals from your current employees are a powerful tool that can move you through the hiring process much faster than traditional methods. Innovators like to spend time with people who have the same goals, personality traits, and attitudes as they do.

Focus on a potential employee’s qualities.

Search for people who are curious, passionate, and restless. Readers, travelers, and prospects that demonstrate commitment to learning new things and having new experiences are likely to be the innovative individual you are seeking.

Our consultative approach to recruitment and placement includes working to understand our candidate’s goals, both short-term and long-term.

“The consistently top shelf service I received from Wahoo Recruitment during and after my job search is the reason I am happily working for a wonderful company in a job that brings me great satisfaction. The team worked to understand my goals, stuck with me through the decision-making process, and took great care of me even after I was placed in my current position.”

To learn more about how we match highly sought innovators with the best companies in the world, please contact us.

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