Wahoo Recruitment is a specialist within the recruitment forward the software and Software as a service (SaaS) market. We specialise in the recruitment of high performing sales teams for fast-growing and early-stage software businesses. Wahoo Recruitment has a unique and practical understanding of modern sales and marketing within software businesses. As well as a specialist and focused recruitment service we also can offer sales consultancy to our clients. The modern day sales department within a SaaS business is at the forefront of new techniques and methods of hacking growth. As well as sales roles we understand customer success is a key metric within the marketplace and are therefore able to support our clients with these key hires. The best software companies will have a world-class sales team and world-class customer success team. These two functions are key to sustained and solid growth that allows our clients to maximise their commercial opportunities. The founder of Wahoo Recruitment Adrian Wright has over 12 years senior sales experience within the technology and software marketplace. This means we can offer advice based on experience and have a first-hand experience of how top performing sales teams are built and sustained.

As well as being an expert within sales roles for the software industry we also work with technical roles which can cover a number of different areas. We take time to understand our client’s technical roles within the software business and therefore are able to identify and secure technical professionals with the right experience and aptitude. We really like to get under the hood of the software and value proposition of the clients that we work with. This allows Wahoo Recruitment to offer a highly personalised service to our clients and candidates.

If you are a software business looking for recruitment expertise or a professional looking to develop your career please get in touch today.