Sales people are some of the hardest working and most dedicated employees in any field. They are directly responsible for a huge chunk of a company’s success. Their compensation is often performance-based, which is both motivational and intimidating.

Top sales people do things differently than their peers. They have a skill-set that is part nature and part nurture. There are a lot of things they do better, and for a quick peek into their world, read on:

Top sales people are connectors

They understand the worlds of their buyers and they creatively solve problems for their customers. This helps them build valuable and long lasting relationships that help them transition from being just “the sales person” to an important part of their buyer’s team. They have a wide network and resources to help remove obstacles to the sale, which also helps them build relationships with their buyers.

Top sales people are persuasive

Knocking on doors and consistently following up on leads will gain sales. It is a numbers game, after all. However, the top sales people know that their personal powers of persuasion will take them the extra mile from “good enough” to “great.” They know how to build trust, show their experience, and help their prospects enjoy the benefits of doing business with them.

Top sales people know how to collaborate

They are proactive, and not shy about asking for additional information or help if it creates a more favorable environment for a sale. As they collaborate with the buyer, they become a partner in the sales process, instead of the instigator. This helps the buyer trust that they are in good hands. It also opens doors for referrals and is a great skill to have when networking.

At Wahoo Recruitment, we understand the difference between a sales person, and a top sales person. To find out how we help top sales people from all over the world reach their professional goals by finding their dream job, please contact us.

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