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According to a recent report issued by DMR (Digital Stats/Gadgets) involvement in LinkedIn is a crucial element of any smart recruiting effort. For both the candidate and the recruiter, this kind of social media is much more than a collection of memes of goats wearing footie pajamas and cats getting stuck in window treatments. Check out these staggering numbers:

  • 40% of all LinkedIn users are searching for a job with the mobile app
  • 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates
  • 42% of LinkedIn users recently left a job that they would have stayed with if there was more opportunity for advancement for them

There are about three million active job listings on LinkedIn at any given time.

Recruiters consider this powerhouse social media platform the number one way to locate and make contact with excellent prospective employees since it has great deals that can be used for marketing and promotions. Whether you are actively seeking a job or not in any online resource, your LinkedIn profile is one of the most important sets of information about you available to the public.

Here are a few simple things you can do to make it easier for your dream job to find you

Whether you are actively seeking new employment, or you are happy with your current situation, just a few quick changes to your profile can increase the attention you’ll get from prospective employers.

Revise your profile picture

For most occupational categories, a professional head-shot is your best bet. Choose a photo with a neutral background. You want to look approachable and competent.

Take time to craft a compelling headline

Most LinkedIn profiles display an official title. While it’s factual, it also may be a waste of valuable social media real estate. Use search terms related to your field, but make an effort to let your true colors shine through in your headline. Are you a problem solver? Are you known for your great ideas? Do you aspire to become a great innovator in your field?

Add a call to action in your summary

LinkedIn is a social media platform based on the idea that connections are the highest currency. So invite people to connect with you by adding a call to action to your summary. Try a variation of this:

To find out more about how I can help you overcome your career challenges with my innovative method of connecting employers and potential recruits, go ahead and contact me at ______________

Take a close look at your LinkedIn profile, and make a few changes today. Spending just fifteen minutes on your public image may make a world of difference to your future.

For more information on how Wahoo Recruitment helps people find their dream jobs, please contact us.

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