executive-454865_1920Finding the right candidate for your open position can be a complicated and challenging process. The costs associated with finding, recruiting, hiring, training, and integrating the right person are high. A recent study conducted by Harvard Business School estimates that reaching the break-even point on a company’s investment to hire a mid-level manager is 6.2 months.

The top three ways employers seek out new hires are employee referrals, internal job postings, and networking. Top performers in a company tend to have their employer’s best interests in mind. For certain sectors, they are a wonderful source of information about who may be a great fit for an open position. Many employers tend to look within their organization for emerging talent before expanding their search. In many cases it’s easier to fill the lower level role left open when a company promotes from within. Expanding applicant pools through networking is a process that goes on regardless of a company’s current staffing needs.

Given the importance of hiring the right candidate, many companies turn to professional recruitment firms to help them with their search and selection process.

Here are just a few things we evaluate closely when conducting an executive search for our clients here at Wahoo Recruitment:

  • Compatibility

We’ve taken the time to get to know our clients’ needs and we understand their wants, as well. The potential hire must be completely compatible.

  • Skill Set

It’s easy to quickly check a CV for education and accomplishments, but we’ve found the best new candidates by making an effort to fully understand their capabilities.

  • Character

This trait makes or breaks a new relationship between an employer and their new hire. You can’t see it on a CV. We spend time with candidates during the filtering process to make sure their personal character is a good match for company culture.

In the current economy, hiring the best employees is more important to the health and well-being of a company than ever. Hiring a new employee may cost 1.5 times to 3 times their salary by the time they are settled in a new position and poised for productivity. Even though these numbers raise the alarm in the guts of company accountants everywhere, the potential for positive return on a great new-hire makes the investment worthwhile.

For more information about how Wahoo Recruitment helps our clients find the best possible candidates for their open positions, please contact us.





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