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According to a recent report issued by DMR (Digital Stats/Gadgets) involvement in LinkedIn is a crucial element of any smart recruiting effort. For both the candidate and the recruiter, this kind of social media is much more than a collection of memes of goats wearing footie pajamas and cats getting stuck in window treatments. Check out these staggering numbers:

  • 40% of all LinkedIn users are searching for a job with the mobile app
  • 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates
  • 42% of LinkedIn users recently left a job that they would have stayed with if there was more opportunity for advancement for them

There are about three million active job listings on LinkedIn at any given time.

Recruiters consider this powerhouse social media platform the number one way to locate and make contact with excellent prospective employees since it has great deals that can be used for marketing and promotions. Whether you are actively seeking a job or not in any online resource, your LinkedIn profile is one of the most important sets of information about you available to the public.

Here are a few simple things you can do to make it easier for your dream job to find you

Whether you are actively seeking new employment, or you are happy with your current situation, just a few quick changes to your profile can increase the attention you’ll get from prospective employers.

Revise your profile picture

For most occupational categories, a professional head-shot is your best bet. Choose a photo with a neutral background. You want to look approachable and competent.

Take time to craft a compelling headline

Most LinkedIn profiles display an official title. While it’s factual, it also may be a waste of valuable social media real estate. Use search terms related to your field, but make an effort to let your true colors shine through in your headline. Are you a problem solver? Are you known for your great ideas? Do you aspire to become a great innovator in your field?

Add a call to action in your summary

LinkedIn is a social media platform based on the idea that connections are the highest currency. So invite people to connect with you by adding a call to action to your summary. Try a variation of this:

To find out more about how I can help you overcome your career challenges with my innovative method of connecting employers and potential recruits, go ahead and contact me at ______________

Take a close look at your LinkedIn profile, and make a few changes today. Spending just fifteen minutes on your public image may make a world of difference to your future.

For more information on how Wahoo Recruitment helps people find their dream jobs, please contact us.

Smart recruiters know that attracting and retaining innovators increases a company’s overall success. An innovator can produce ten times more than a regular hire. Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon enjoy higher overall productivity because of their ability to attract, hire, and retain innovators.




a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products.

  • Robert H. Goddard: pioneered the liquid rocket engine
  • Tim Berners Lee: invented the World Wide Web
  • Dennis Ritchie: author of the C programming language and developer of the Unix operating system
  • Jeff Bezos: founder and CEO of, revolutionized e-commerce
  • Marissa Mayer: first female engineer at Google, youngest woman on Forbes list of 50 Most Powerful Women in Business

Actionable ways to recruit innovators to your company


During the interview, keep an open mind.

Innovators have strong opinions and a great deal of confidence in their ability. Don’t misread those traits and miss the chance to hire a powerhouse. There’s not a standardized skill set that identifies an innovator, so your recruitment and interview team must be experts at recognizing this type of person.

If you have an innovator in your company, be aware that they are likely connected to other innovators.

Referrals from your current employees are a powerful tool that can move you through the hiring process much faster than traditional methods. Innovators like to spend time with people who have the same goals, personality traits, and attitudes as they do.

Focus on a potential employee’s qualities.

Search for people who are curious, passionate, and restless. Readers, travelers, and prospects that demonstrate commitment to learning new things and having new experiences are likely to be the innovative individual you are seeking.

Our consultative approach to recruitment and placement includes working to understand our candidate’s goals, both short-term and long-term.

“The consistently top shelf service I received from Wahoo Recruitment during and after my job search is the reason I am happily working for a wonderful company in a job that brings me great satisfaction. The team worked to understand my goals, stuck with me through the decision-making process, and took great care of me even after I was placed in my current position.”

To learn more about how we match highly sought innovators with the best companies in the world, please contact us.

sheet_img1Exciting times are ahead as BVE celebrates the entertainment and media industry in the UK. From this coming Monday through Friday the 26th of February, London’s ExCel will host an exciting new expanded version of their famous trade show. BVE is globally recognized as a platform for exhibition of ground-breaking products. Conferences, co-located events, and related activities take place in and around London throughout the week with the BVE trade show at the centre of the party.

“With the value of the UK’s Entertainment and Media sector estimated at £64 billion by 2018, an event of this scope and ambition has never been more relevant to bring the industry together. London Entertainment Week will be the platform for the industry’s organisations and individuals to assemble across the week, delivering networking, training, innovation and inspiration.”

– Daniel Sacchelli, Event Manager, i2i Events

TPi Awards

The annual TPi Awards are Monday 22nd February at Battersea Evolution. There are a few changes to the award categories this year including the addition to a new category: Favourite Special Effects Company. The TPi Awards recognize thought-leaders across many sectors.

Females in Broadcast Industry host first event at BE 2016

The official BVE trade show launch event is hosted by Females in Broadcast Industry (FBI) including a panel, Climbing the Glass Ladder-success stories from the industry. Networking drinks, sponsored by Ross Video, take place after the event.

“After the phenomenal interest and support we’ve had in response to the launch of FBI, we’re delighted to host our first official event of 2016. Hosting the panel at a key event such as BVE ensures a broad range of industry players will be able to contribute and join the discussion.”

-Sadie Groom, founder of the FBI initiative and Managing Director of Bubble & Squeak

BVE is an excellent opportunity to meet people in intersecting fields and grow your personal and professional network. With the choice of over 120 hours of seminars and an exhibition that includes over 300 of the top resellers, distributors, and manufacturers of broadcast and production equipment and systems, taking time to attend this important conference is a great career move.

The Wahoo Recruitment team will be on hand to discuss career opportunities in the entertainment and media industries during BVE 2016. Please contact us to set up a meeting.


The new generation of workers is less likely to get excited about the traditional suite of benefits offered on day 91 by the HR department. Attracting (and retaining) these smart, hard-working, and energetic young people takes some creativity and commitment. Here are how some of the top companies get the attention of young potential employees:

  • DPR Construction: saloons and wine bars for brainstorming and socializing
  • Genentech: dog sitting daily
  • DreamWorks Animation: movie screenings and art classes
  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation: 72,000 square foot fitness centre that includes a sand volleyball court, walking track, rock climbing wall, and Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • Polaris: free use of its products
  • Google: famous benefits and perks include free meals on-site, massages, yoga classes, car washes, and $12,000 per year in tuition assistance
  • Scripps Health: on-site massage, free pet insurance
  • Timberland: 40 hours per year of paid volunteer service time
  • Deloitte: Three to six months off of partially paid leave to pursue a life-enhancing opportunity
  • Hallmark: 21 company-sponsored vans offer carpool services to employees
  • com: On-site basketball courts, tennis courts, and free personal trainers to help employees stay in shape in the fully equipped gym
  • Grasshopper Group: On-site Nintendo Wii room, lunch allowance, paid half-days off every Friday during the summer

Here are a few perks you may want to consider adding to your company’s list in the future:

Gym memberships as part of a comprehensive wellness program

Your employee’s wellness benefits the company, the employee’s family, and their coworkers. Offering gym memberships is a strategic move, as well as an enticing perk. A report published by The Harvard Business Review goes into great detail about how to execute a wellness program and states,

“Most analyses of workplace wellness programs focus on hard-dollar returns: money invested versus money saved. Often overlooked is the potential to strengthen an organization’s culture and to build employee pride, trust, and commitment. The inherent nature of workplace wellness—a partnership between employee and employer—requires trust. Because personal health is such an intimate issue, investment in wellness can, when executed appropriately, create deep bonds.”

Paid time off for volunteering                             

Socially conscious millennials (gen Y) want to be part of their community, and believe that volunteering is a valuable way to contribute. Supporting their desire to engage with others and offer their services for the greater good lets them feel proud of their company, which is just one way to decrease turnover.

Educational assistance

Millennials are comfortable in school, and realize that continued education is necessary but expensive. Educational assistance often comes with strings attached, and that’s OK. The pay-it-forward spirit of tuition assistance and support for continuing education shows your employees that the company values them and believes in not just their current skill set, but their ability to grow and prosper. These programs help attract and retain the best and brightest employees.

To learn more about how we can help you recruit and retain top talent among millennials, please contact us.




businesswoman-617127_1920Many of the best and most successful companies face serious challenges when it comes to recruiting and retaining top sales performers. They offer competitive compensation, a complete benefits package, great working environment, and have a wonderful product. So what’s the problem?

Problem: You aren’t looking for top talent continuously

Solution: Keep your prospect funnel full

Even if you don’t need to fill an open position, you’ll get the best results by continuously networking, accepting CV’s and even interviewing prospective sales people. Whether or not you hire, reviewing CV’s, keeping your name in front of top sales people in your field, and keeping your prospect funnel full increases your scope of influence.

Don’t worry about offending potential new-hires. Be honest. Tell them that you are always interested in getting to know top talent, and that you enjoy being able to fill open positions quickly by being aware of the individuals that you’d like to invite to join your team when the time comes.

Problem: You aren’t looking for the best sales people in the right places

Solution: Think about where top talent spends time, and go there

Traditional advertising methods may not be as effective as you’d like them to be, but going where the talent is offers huge advantages.

Where do the best sales people spend time online?

  • Even if they aren’t currently looking for a job, their likely active on LinkedIn or Facebook. Put the word out that you are always interested in meeting successful salespeople, and network on social media.
  • Speak with your top sales people about recruiting through their networks, as well. The best sales people across industries are acquainted with each other, so use those connections.
  • Film a quick video inviting prospective sales people to submit their CV for an open position and put it on your website. Promote the video using social media and send out a short email blast to your list asking them to share it with their networks.

Here at Wahoo Recruitment, our specialty is matching top sales people to the right roles within successful companies. Our extensive network of national and international prospects gives us the power to reach out to the best prospective employees and make valuable connections that lead to great matches. To learn more about how we can help you recruit and retain top talent, please contact us.


There some powerful trends emerging in the world of recruitment, and whether you are the head of a human resources department tasked with hiring executives for your company, or you just want to make sure your firm’s recruiting efforts are focused in a way that maximizes exposure to great prospective employees, understanding the basics of what is happening in the recruiting world is important.

Keep your door open

In the past, many companies only advertised open positions when they had a need. This habit limited the pool of applicants to those seeking employment during that exact time. Now, it is just important to seek potential candidates for positions that may be open in the future.

Networking allows you to evaluate potential employees before the urgency of filling a position sets it. Don’t limit your range; include students close to graduating from school, qualified candidates who aren’t currently looking for a different job, and people who are a great match but may not have all of the necessary certifications for a particular position.

Your organisation’s success is dependent upon the success of new hires. Being able to speak intelligently about your company’s mission, its values, and its goals is a crucial part of recruiting and hiring people who share that vision.

Focus your efforts

Growth and transformation depend heavily on recruiting and developing talent. Your company needs highly productive employees who are excited about growth.

What are firms that need to hire new employees focused on right now?

  • Reaching sought-after candidates before they are pursued by competitors
  • Using the power of social media to locate and make a connection with potential candidates
  • Shifting the recruiting focus from shuffling paperwork (reading and filing resumes) to actively headhunting for the most qualified candidates
  • Reducing the use of job boards
  • Hiring the right person for the job to reduce the financial risk associated with turnover

For more information about how the recruiting process is changing, and how Wahoo Recruitment helps our clients find great new employees from a group of talented candidates, please contact us.

executive-454865_1920Finding the right candidate for your open position can be a complicated and challenging process. The costs associated with finding, recruiting, hiring, training, and integrating the right person are high. A recent study conducted by Harvard Business School estimates that reaching the break-even point on a company’s investment to hire a mid-level manager is 6.2 months.

The top three ways employers seek out new hires are employee referrals, internal job postings, and networking. Top performers in a company tend to have their employer’s best interests in mind. For certain sectors, they are a wonderful source of information about who may be a great fit for an open position. Many employers tend to look within their organization for emerging talent before expanding their search. In many cases it’s easier to fill the lower level role left open when a company promotes from within. Expanding applicant pools through networking is a process that goes on regardless of a company’s current staffing needs.

Given the importance of hiring the right candidate, many companies turn to professional recruitment firms to help them with their search and selection process.

Here are just a few things we evaluate closely when conducting an executive search for our clients here at Wahoo Recruitment:

  • Compatibility

We’ve taken the time to get to know our clients’ needs and we understand their wants, as well. The potential hire must be completely compatible.

  • Skill Set

It’s easy to quickly check a CV for education and accomplishments, but we’ve found the best new candidates by making an effort to fully understand their capabilities.

  • Character

This trait makes or breaks a new relationship between an employer and their new hire. You can’t see it on a CV. We spend time with candidates during the filtering process to make sure their personal character is a good match for company culture.

In the current economy, hiring the best employees is more important to the health and well-being of a company than ever. Hiring a new employee may cost 1.5 times to 3 times their salary by the time they are settled in a new position and poised for productivity. Even though these numbers raise the alarm in the guts of company accountants everywhere, the potential for positive return on a great new-hire makes the investment worthwhile.

For more information about how Wahoo Recruitment helps our clients find the best possible candidates for their open positions, please contact us.