Wahoo Recruitment – Assignment Process

Requirements determination

In our first meeting, the Wahoo Recruitment team will gather knowledge about your company. Specifically, the culture of your organization, the role profile, and your company history. We’d like to understand what the expectations are for the role in question so we can craft an accurate and compelling job description to attract the highest calibre candidates from which to choose.

We’ll work with you to understand your search methodology preferences and to find out what methods you’ve used in the past and how successful you were. After making suggestions about how we’d like to conduct the search, we’ll agree on a final draft of the job description, profile, and search plan.

When all parties are in agreement, we’ll move forward by signing off on a specification of requirements document.

Identifying and approaching potential candidates

The Wahoo Recruitment team will design a research-based plan specific to the job description to create an extensive list of relevant potential candidates.

The plan to advertise the position will also commence at this time.

Based on the candidate’s motivations, experience, and skills, we will make contact with potential candidates that best meet the position requirements to determine whether they are suitable for the job and to conduct interviews.

Wahoo Recruitment Interviews

After agreeing on a list of potential candidates, we will conduct a series of in-depth interviews to reveal competencies with the intent of generating a shortlist of highly qualified candidates.

Candidates eligible for the shortlist must pass filters for skills and expertise, of course. But the Wahoo Recruitment team also screens for personality traits and cultural awareness.

After creating the shortlist of eligible candidates, Wahoo Recruitment will release inelible candidates from the search via personal communication.

Shortlist and client interview

The list of candidates we present will have a maximum of six highly qualified people that are interested in the open position. Included with the list will be each candidate’s CV, full profile, and our interview notes.

Wahoo Recruitment conducts full reference checks on all selected candidates.

We also support the engagement between you and the candidates throughout each stage of the interview, decision making, and hiring process.


The Wahoo Recruitment team is well-versed in evaluating and communicating each candidate’s career aspirations and remuneration requirements. We will make sure that you understand the candidate’s expectations so that you can make the best possible final determination.

We manage all negotiations, including resignation coaching and counselling to facilitate a smooth and successful transition for the candidate you choose.

Post Assignment Process

Even after a successful placement, we continue communication with the successful candidate. Shortly after six months of work, we arrange a review meeting to receive feedback and to assure successful completion of the project.