We offer our clients a highly personalized service that caters to their specific needs and wants

  • Our expert team of recruiters takes the time to completely understand our clients, which allows us to offer the kind of focused service that our company is known for.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to get to know your prospective employees through an intensive and unique vetting process that results in outstanding matches between clients and candidates.
  • Our extensive network, both in the UK and internationally, means we consistently reach a wide variety of potential candidates.

Helping organisations find the highest calibre people in the UK and internationally

The team Wahoo Recruitment

Adrian Wright

Founder Wahoo Recruitment


Based in the UK, it’s my personal mission to make sure that the right professionals are placed with the right companies. I take the time to understand and organisation’s senior resource requirements and then reach out to the most suitable candidates, using Wahoo Recruitment’s extensive network of global contacts. My goals reach much further than simply filling open positions for clients. I make sure that the match between client and candidate is successful and I take extra time to ensure that both parties are pleased with the outcome.


Julie Muirhead

Recruitment and Executive Search Professional

Julie Muirhead

Julie Muirhead is University of Westminster graduate and an experienced recruitment professional with a passion for connecting exceptional people to exceptional jobs. After spending 15 years in high-level personal assistant positions at Director, Chairman, and Chief Executive level at the BBC, The Economist, and the private office of Dennis Stevenson, she decided to enter the world of recruitment and executive search in 2010.

With years of experience in recruitment, Julie is an expert at identifying high-calibre candidates and matching them to exactly the right open positions with the best companies in the world.


What we’ve achieved
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